A thank you to all

I like to thank you all, everyone in zombies community or to anoyone just visitng. This website was made as a joke, in less than an hour. But thanks to zombie and his community, and the countless people who viewed this site, I have kept updating this site. I can not say thank you enough to zombie community, and you spefically zombie. Without you this website will not be possible. Thank you so much. Have a good day.

let me says some things. first this not mocking the old internet, but reither celebrating it, because the werdiness and whackness of it is just so interpsational for me. Two, I do have plans for new years and y2k. Three, The reason BWL and WITW are used instead of LOL and WTF Is because its their universe LOL and WTF, and also its hypnospace refernce, which the game have insiprieded me a ton. And to be honest, this website have re created my intrest in zombie. so yeah, thats pretty cool